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How to reserve a tour

It's very simple to reserve one of my tours.  Because I do not use a booking service, there is no added fees like you would see on many other tour company websites.  The price that you see at the end of each tour description is the actual price.

1)  Use the contact me page to fill in the details including which tour and date you would like to reserve. Be sure to include pickup details such as: hotel information, cruise ship information or airport pickup information (flight #, arrival time, departure time).  Also, please include the cell phone number you will be using on the trip and what time you would like to start the tour.

2)  I will then email you an invoice from which you can pay.  Once payment is received, your date will be reserved.

CANCELLATIONS.  If for any reason you need to cancel, you will receive a full refund.  I just ask you try to give me a least a week's notice.  This way I can open that date back up to others that may want to book.

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